The Return of TGM

After a [x] month hiatus; with many people nervous that I had either died or moved on, I return!

The last piece I wrote here was a review of Gone Home, where I pretty much dismissed its lesbian drama as pure and utter bullshit. It still is, of course, but you might have thought that spelled my doom. It didn’t, I just became a lazy fuck like always and took a long breather. Alas, as the great Carl Johnson once said: “but now I’m back, and I know what I’ve been missing”!

Count on a bunch of edgy try hard reviews and a few opinion pieces in the coming months. I promise at least four next month. Spam my videos if I don’t live up to this promise.

Speaking of which — if all goes well, you guys might see another episode of Agent 47: Obnoxious Assassin. If not, I will commit Sudoku with Ellis.

Peace out and stay black.

Breaking and Entering “Gone Home” – a review

There comes a time when pure wit and the virtue of being reasonable under duress is insufficient to sway the indoctrinated opinion of a certain group of people; that is, people who claim themselves to be ‘social justice warriors’. Rather than proposing a debate and unintentionally invoking Anita’s irony, perhaps the best measure is to look the center of attention in the eye and give a thorough, unbiased evaluation of it.

Gone Home was released August 15, 2013, designed by Steve Gaynor (who worked on the BioShock games) and published by The Fullbright Company. The story sets you off with a brief voicemail at the airport (sadly, they don’t actually show the airport) and finally, at the Greenbriar home. You play as Kaitlin Greenbriar, a twentysomething college grad who just came back from her trip to Europe, only to find the place empty, with boxes and the like scattered here and there with your name on them. Alas, you have “gone home”; but the developers also left anything of sentimental value – like any form of linear storytelling – at the door outside.

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Borderlands 2 review

Although I never played the first Borderlands to the end enough to garner a good enough impression on it, when I bought the second one I was determined not to send yet another game to my backlog; especially after I heard all the good and bad about this game.

As you might have deduced from the title, Borderlands 2 is the sequel to the sleeper hit Borderlands, a western RPG with cel-shaded graphics developed by Gearbox and published by 2K Games. The game is faithful to its predecessor, and keeps canon for canon’s sake; but it also improves upon the graphic design as any sequel should and bridges the story forward to ensure a linear, concise story arc.

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BarackObeezy’s October 2013 Highlights

Well… this was expected, I guess. Instead of that anime review I let people know of the isoHunt situation and later termination of the event, and I uploaded two videos. The assignments at school have meant me moving in slow motion. Nevertheless, I still made another two videos  this month.

What this video did was let people know of the video-making situation in general: this shit is a hobby and most people don’t make much money from doing it unless you pretend to be autistic like Pewdiepie or are already famous like Game Grumps. I’m not really jealous of these groups (really I’m not!), but I do feel frustrated that I’ve gone weeks without working on videos. Old videos, as you can see, keep my view counts afloat; and my super-duper valued subscribers are thankfully patient, but I can’t go on being lazy like this forever. I like to make stuff, so not making stuff makes me anxious… if you know what I’m saying.

This is… probably illegal in most parts of the world. Just know that the game made Lara do it, not me.

This month, I’m going to get my shit together and release at least two Obnoxious Assassin episodes (one this week) followed by that Fujiko Mine review. Sorry for the long as hell wait, I have no other excuses besides school. See you then!

isoHunt founder “honoured” by archival effort, shuts down site early

As you can tell by that rather ironic headline, isoHunt’s torrent pages have been shutdown early by website founder Gary Fung shortly after the archival effort scraped over 240 gigabytes of torrent files and metadata off the site.

The message reads, [archive link]

This is it. We are shutting down isoHunt services a little early. I’m told there was this Internet archival team that wants to make historical copy of our .torrent files, I’m honoured that people thinks our site is worthy of historical preservation, but the truth is about 95% of those .torrent files can be found off Google regardless and mostly have been indexed from other BitTorrent sites in the first place. So I might as well do a proper send-off to you dear isoHunt users, before final shutdown sequence on Tuesday. It’s been an adventure in the last 10.5 years working on isoHunt, a privilege working with some of the smartest guys I’ve worked with, and my life won’t be the same without it. For what I’m working on next, please look up my blog on Google and follow me there. Because as the Terminator would say with a German accent,

I’ll be backkk.

-Gary Fung

It is unclear whether or not the MPAA was involved in influencing this decision. Archive Team project lead “Joepie91″ informs The Global Marketeer that the data processed thus far will be uploaded to the Internet Archive. The remnants, however, seem to be lost to history.

BarackObeezy’s September 2013 Highlights

Sorry for the intermittent disconnect everybody. Yes, I’m alive! Here’s a quick overview of the two videos I uploaded the last month.


The latest episode of Agent 47: Obnoxious Assassin has Agent 47 sneak into Dexter Industries to find Victoria. Jokes about the show’s slow production aside, it also comments on the surroundings and some other shit: I don’t know, watch it.

The whole “I Give Up” thing is just my feels speaking. I am going to finish the series. It’s amazing how the series has taken a year, but then again, it’s a one-man project and I don’t script my episodes.

I actually had this video on my hard drive for a while now, but I decided to finally upload it because some misandrists have hijacked the word “feminism”. I felt the need to enlighten them on the meaning of the word.

For anyone wondering why this parallels with May in a way, it’s because of my laziness and troubles prioritizing things. Curse hasn’t been greedy or switching up their contracts unlike you-know-who. Thank you everyone for being patient.

As for the the site, I’m going to expand into anime for my next post and see how it turns out. See you then!

Tomb Raider: Underworld review

Tomb Raider: Underworld features the lovely Lara Croft once again. But does this title hang on to what makes the series great? Let's take a look.

Tomb Raider: Underworld features the lovely Lara Croft once again. But does this title hang on to what makes the series great? Let’s take a look.

Nine years ago, the first Tomb Raider Trilogy was released for the PC in CD-ROM format. My dad had bought the collection from a Menard’s (a home-improvement store based in the Midwest) for the low-low price of $3, and gave me the discs for me to play on his just-purchased Dell computer. Being the innocent tween that I was, I played with the three games for about a day and never gave the series a second thought.

Although I’ve never been much of a “puzzle” person, a few of these refreshingly brain-stimulating puzzles brought purpose to the reasoning of calling the series Tomb Raider.

Lara Croft returns in this 2008 action-adventure game in search of her long-lost mother, but her quest is quickly sidestepped by her former employers, which wish to do her harm. The game coldly opens in medias res with the Croft manor in flames and a black guy firing off shots at her with no clear explanation.

As you progress through the story, traveling across continents and exploring the ocean floor, the reasoning behind the shooting is revealed as the game meanders towards fantasy and fable. With that said, the insertions of these genres are (for the most part) grounded in reality, which creates semi-believable supernatural happenings for a game centered around finding ancient artifacts and the like.

The cutscenes, although filled with clichéd dialogue, are nicely animated. On maximum settings, the five-year old game barely shows its age in these. It’s a shame that they aren’t on-par with the gameplay.

As I played through the game, I had to rely on a walkthrough more than a couple of times to solve the puzzles; but that’s because the solutions to said puzzles aren’t always obvious. Without the use of guides, the trial-and-error makes up a solid third of the game.

Combat is a chore, too, with click and shoot lock-on aiming from the early days, as if the mouse became worthless again. Some enemies (such as the Thralls found on later levels) are not completely killed by just your weapons, though, and need to be taken down afterwords with a foot stomp.

The creativity is left to the level design and the “boss fights”, which are finely executed in that regard. I particularly liked the Kraken encounter at the beginning of the game, where you are put Lara’s abilities to the test. Races against the clock are commonplace, too; touching certain relics will activate a race from point A to point B with no visible clock, and being too slow will make you have to go back to the starting point and reactivate the time trial.

My last gripe about the game is the ridiculous, sexist camera. I mean, is the ability to stare at Lara’s ass the main selling point behind the game? I doubt it.

Tomb Raider: Underworld is frustrating but somewhat rewarding, it borders on the edge of mediocrity put presses forward with its semi-interesting narrative and gameplay. If it’s in the bargain bin or if you’re looking for a cheap rental, this is your type of game. It’s aged well graphically, but it’s reputation for poor controls is kept with an unnecessarily large gloved hand.

Rating: 3.5/5
Comparison Rating: N/A


BarackObeezy’s August 2013 Highlights

I managed to contribute a fair bit here on the site this month (way more than in the previous months) by putting out some reviews for the site. Keep track of them on this page. On YouTube I published three new videos, not counting the remastered version of Agent 47: Obnoxious Assassin. Here they are:

Some would say I started this month on the wrong foot, with my “attempted” video review of PAYDAY 2. My text version may be found here, although it only covers the game in its beta state (I had a beta key). It shows me talking a lot of shit behind their backs and finally being kicked from the group for disagreeing with the host’s tactics. Was it merely karmic retribution or should the kick system be tweaked? You decide, though even I would’ve probably kicked myself if I could hear me talking that trash. Continue reading

Saints Row IV review

Seven years ago, the first Saints Row was released to the English-speaking world and stunned dozens with its emphasis on customization, gameplay, and storyline. Back then, it could be said that it was little more than a glorified Grand Theft Auto clone, but over time the comparison grew thinner and thinner until Saints Row: The Third hit store shelves in 2011. The title finally set the series apart from its former rival; by elevating its protagonist to a supreme crimelord off the bat (for those unfamiliar with the Saints Row 2 DLC), but the sudden shift in character design as well as the incorporation of wacky, campy humor was often a source of ridicule.

Saints Row IV provides nearly the same platform with all the decadence from The Third included. With that said, Volition attempts to make great strides by being inventive once more with its series, even as a once-scrapped DLC project. Does it live up to it’s predecessor, much less the series? Let’s take a look.

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